Stellar Ink

Project purpose:



After receiving many requests for a printable version of our popular solar system orrery we decided to create one. Many orrery users loved seeing the planet formation on their birthday. We wanted to give people the option to memorize these events, or any other memorable days in their life, in the form of a wall poster print.




  • Illustration


The concept of Stellar Ink gave people the opportunity to play with our interactive solar orrery, navigate to a certain date in the past or future and transfer the planet positions onto a poster print. People could create a decorative item that celebrated or memorized important events, such as birthdays, weddings or funerals. The biggest challenge was coming up with a design that was more suitable for this purpose, fit the print format and could be dynamically created.


In a short time we sold dozens of Stellar Ink posters and helped many people celebrate their special moment with a custom-made print of the solar system on their beloved date. Stellar Ink posters are not available any longer.