SpaceX Mars Missie

Project purpose:



Development of this visualization started shortly after SpaceX's plan to start manned travels to Mars in 2024 was announced.
The different phases of this journey to the red planet are explained and show how the Big Falcon Rocket, consisting of a rocket and a booster, is expected to turn mankind into a multi-planetary species.




  • Animation
  • Development


After researching the BFR journey to Mars, we came up with a concept. The user will follow the rocket from the moment of launch untill the landing on Mars. How would it look like if you followed that rocket closely? What things would you see it do to get to its destination? The focus lies on showing the two specific techniques that make the journey possible; supply of fuel by a second rocket, and solar panels for the interplanetary phase. These processes have been illustrated in their relevant environments. Afterwards, the rocket was animated and we added some interaction to consciously engage the user in the chronological jump we take when there's not much to do in the journey's timeline, but wait. This project also served as an experiment with the Lottie library, allowing us to explore its options around interactive animation.


The result is a short but powerful interactive animation taking the user along on this revolutionary trip to Mars. This technologically immensely complex procedure is shown in a straight forward and clear manner.