Project purpose:



Commissioned by Next Level Escape Room, we developed an interactive interface for the Sioux Technologies' mobile escape truck. The mobile escape truck would be given a permanent place as a recruitment tool at fairs and events where Sioux is present and is therefore intended to enthuse technically trained people and to bring them into conversation with the tech company. For that reason, the room had to appeal to the imagination and have a futuristic, technical look.




  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Animation
  • Development


Together with Next Level Escape Room we have developed a concept in which the participants in the escape experience form a team to stop a malicious drone. Their mobile "drone command unit" contains various tools, puzzles and screens with which they can locate, hack and eventually stop the drone. This scenario required an appropriate design to match the truck's interior and an effective combination of image, audio and interaction to engage the participants in the most realistic storyline possible. We therefore developed a futuristic graphical interface that was spread over six touch-screen devices in the truck. We created some interactive puzzles, a communication screen and a status screen with the available time and space for hints. To connect these screens and introduce them in a logically structured story, we worked with an AI that guides and warns the players with her voice (Kia Huntzinger from the Command and Conquer series) and slowly builds up the tension.


The close cooperation with Next Level Escaperoom resulted in a wonderful result in which our software was seamlessly integrated into their custom built truck. The truck is now active at various fairs and events.