Math with Semsom

Project purpose:



Zwijsen is introducing a new learning method: Semsom. Semsom is a module for mathematics for young children. Zwijsen has chosen to bring this new module to attention in a playful manner: an online magazine. And we got to design it!

Because an identity had already been designed for Semsom, our purpose was to use this identity to design the magazine and make it interactive and animated.




  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Animation
  • Development


As always we start the process by making a draft: what is where on the page and how do I navigate? In this project we brained a lot about how we can maintain the look and feel of a magazine but still add that online interactive touch. After this first step we applied Semsom's existing identity: how do we use these colors and illustrations representatively? Eventually we start the development stage to get the result you see in the section below.


And there it is: the result! We chose for lots of colors and animation. The design really feels like a genuine magazine in which you can browse left and right. Several playful elements have been added like animated leafs and bugs and a design that looks like a notebook on page 7. Application made with Angular.