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Project purpose:



For a personal project, Jasper asked us to make a website for him: design as well as technical development. Jasper had already started his passion project earlier but felt that now it was time to take it a level higher: a modern design with fresh self written content.

To paint us a picture what his new blog should look like, Jasper presented us with some designs of existing websites he really liked. With that style in mind we started crafting a website, resulting in the modern neon colored big fonted design that it is now.




  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Development
  • CMS


While designing and developing a website our workflow is phased. We closely involve the customer at every stage. We start with a sketch of how the website is going to look in general: what's the setup of the website? What pages does the website have? How big will the website be? If the customer agrees we continue to phase 2: UX (User eXperience design). Using Adobe XD, we create a mockup: a wireframed design which is clickable for the user so the interaction is explained. When this phase is finished, we coat the wireframe skeleton with a visual design. In Rather Music's case neon green and big fonts make up the website. While visually coating the website the technical development phase of the website starts simultaneously . This website is built on top of Wordpress and Elementor. We made custom elements for Jasper, enabling him to add elements of his own in Rather Music's custom design.


The result is a modern music blog with bright colors and big fonts. The website is built in a custom made theme in Wordpress using Elementor so that our customer can edit everything himself.