Fan van Kim

Project purpose:



School publishing house Uitgeverij Zwijsen has been market leader with their reading method Veilig Leren Lezen for primary schools in The Netherlands for years. Teachers throughout the country are enthusiastic about the method and Zwijsen wanted to provide insight in this enthusiasm for teachers that don't know the method yet.




  • Illustration
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Animation
  • Development


After discussing a couple of possible ideas, we went for a literal approach to display how widespread the teaching method is in The Netherlands: by plotting it on a map of The Netherlands. On this map, various teachers are displayed as ambassadors of the method and through a video testimonial, they share their experiences with the method. A nice advantage of this is that the user can filter and obtain information from people in their own environment. This makes the information relevant and reliable.


The interactive map is an original, fun and efficient way for teachers to obtain information and references about the Veilig Leren Lezen teaching method. In addition, it is made easy for visitors to request further information about the method, which allows Zwijsen to help these people further.