The transition to no natural gas

Project purpose:



As part of the climate agreement, greenhouse gas emissions in the Netherlands must be drastically reduced in the coming decades.

At the moment in the Netherlands we are still very dependent on natural gas to heat our homes, a fossil fuel that we are slowly but surely wanting to get rid of. In Overbetuwe we will also have to heat our homes and other buildings, such as schools and offices, in a different way. We have the time to think carefully about this together, so that we make the right choices. By 2050, all homes must be natural gas-free.

Over Morgen offers municipalities support in drawing up the heat transition vision so that the transition from natural gas to a sustainable method of heating runs smoothly. Overbetuwe is one of these municipalities. For them we developed a digital variant of the transition vision heat that clearly shows the steps that the municipality will be taking between now and 2050 to create a more sustainable society.




  • Illustration
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Animation
  • Development


In close consultation with both Over Morgen and the government of Overbetuwe, we have started to look at how we can convey the timeline of the transition to natural gas-free in the municipality of Overbetuwe to their residents in a concise yet clear manner. Our idea here is that visuals can contribute a lot to conveying this story.


The result is a clear interactive infographic in the form of a web page. The user can click or scroll through four categories, namely an introduction; The road to natural gas-free; Next step per area and What you can do. In the chapter The road to natural gas-free, animations make it clear to the user how the municipality of Overbetuwe wants to make the transition to a natural gas-free municipality in due course. In the chapter Next steps per area, we have shown the municipality of Overbetuwe in a map. In this way, the user can see for each village center what the transition means for him and how the transition is progressing for his residential area.