Flattening the Curve

Project purpose:



In 2020 the world was hit by a global pandemic called COVID-19, the Corona Virus. Strange times: many countries announced national lockdowns. In short this means people had to stay in their homes and events involving a lot of people were cancelled.

We were glued to our homes as well and asked ourselves: how can we give insight in this new strange situation using our expertise? A term coined often at that time was 'Flattening the Curve'. With the rising number of Corona patients the question whether intensive care capacities could handle this became pressing. The lockdowns were installed to make sure the number of new patients per day would flatten and stay under the limit of the ICU's capacity.

We went to explore how this process worked per country.




  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Development


To start with, we decided to use a map we used in an earlier project depicting the growth of the world population. This map was already connected to a database with country names and all we had to make it work for this project was to connect it to the Corona numbers released daily. That being done, the difficult part commenced. We converted the number of corona cases per day to a growth factor we averaged over five days. After that we connected the possible growth factors to a color coding corresponding to the now well known curve.


The resulting data visualization gives a quick insight into the extent to which countries (and the world as a whole) have managed to flatten the curve of Corona virus cases. Because the visualization can be viewed per day by sliding the slider in the bottom, you can easily see how the curve develops over time. This way it is also insightful how the Corona virus spread globally.