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Project purpose:



Brabant Mobiliteitsnetwerk is a network of 260 companies distributed over 21 communities inside and around North Brabant. Together they are committed to a sustainable, accessible Brabant.
BMN asked us to provide insight in their network: more specifically in the size of their companies and projects they are involved in and the KPI's and effects of the activities they carry out together with the companies.




  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Development


BMN has been around for several years and since its inception it has worked hard to expand their communities and activities. During an initial research and concept phase we helped BMN to structure their collected data. Using that structured data as a basis, we started working on a map that communicates these different layers of data. The result was a interactive layered map that shows all BMN's communities, companies, managers, fast cycle routes and accessibility projects inside the province of Brabant. On top of that, we also created a report (suited for digital or print use) in which results of the mobility network last period have been made transparent.


The interactive map pictures the Brabant Mobility Network nice and clear. Different layers communicate different types of information like projects, communities and routes. All individual projects and communities are selectable and by doing so, revealing more information.