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Project purpose:



Brabant Mobiliteitsnetwerk is a network of 260 companies distributed over 21 communities inside and around North Brabant. Together they are committed to a sustainable, accessible Brabant.
BMN approached us asking if we could help them provide insight in the results of their efforts the past years.




  • Illustration


BMN has been around for several years and since its inception has worked hard to expand their communities and activities. During an initial research and concept phase we helped BMN to structure their collected data. Using that structured data as a basis, we started working on a design for a report giving insight in various activities that BMN is involved in like policy making, alternative ways of travel, fast cycle routes and collaborations. We created a report with a modern design using predominent illustrations to make the report more legible and more appealing.


The design of the report is spaciously set up to give it more space and to make it easy to go through. The reader is invited to look at the entire report. Clear, colorful illustrations capture the main theme of a subject and picture the feeling and vision of a better future.