A two-man interactive design studio

One experienced in design, the other in development, we joined forces to realize our passion: creating interactive visualizations for the web. Whether it's a website, interactive map or infographic, we give it our best to make it suit your needs.

Cas and Jeroen

Cas and Jeroen have known each other since they both attended the Communication & Multimedia Design school in Breda. Their interest and wide toolset regarding multimedia design flourished there as they focused on graphic design, creative technology, information & interaction design and strategy.

Afterwards, Cas specialized in front-end development, learning to master HTML, CSS and JavaScript and its main frameworks Angular, Vue and React. He worked for various large organizations such as InShared, Aegon and Essent.

Jeroen focused on Information Design and relating skills such as UI/UX design. He worked for Philips and some small infographic and museum exhibit design companies, starting his own infographic design company in 2013.

Since the spring of 2019 we have been combining our programming and design skills to make creative web designs that inform, engage and inspire.

Cas Mathijsen
Even from childhood, Cas was trying to figure out all kinds of computer applications. Back in the days, you could expect the Casland Krant, made with Microsoft Publisher, on your doormat. Front-end development was a logical eventual choice and with his fascination for science, philosophy and mythology, Cas can apply this perfectly.
Jeroen Gommers
As an information designer Jeroen is fascinated by science. Getting to know complex topics and finding ways to effectively communicate these so others understand it too is what makes him happy. He's also got a love for antique world and city maps and loves mushrooms.

Our studio

We're situated in The Gruyter Fabriek, the creative breeding ground of Den Bosch with over 180 creative and tech companies.

Feel free to visit us for a cup of freshly made coffee.

We like to work with people in a way that is transparent, to the point and honest .

We value taking you along during the entire design and development process, so that what we're working on is actually created together with you.

We appreciate feedback that is to the point. Feel free to be honest with us and share anything you feel will make us better creative designers.

Together with driven people

We love to cooperate with others to improve our services. That's why we can count on a network of experts in the field of copywriting, illustration, storytelling and online marketing.
We are always eager to expand our network with people that can enhance Atlas Interactive and we are open to new collaborations, suggestions and ideas. Does that feel like you? Then we'd love to hear from you!


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